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Introduction to the Sciences of Quran

This course is an introduction to the Sciences of the Quran. The course is based on the book titled ‘Al-Fawz al-Kabir fi Usul at-Tafsir‘ – “The Great Victory, on Quranic Hermeneutics”. It is a manual of the principles and subtleties of Quranic tafsir. In it, the author Shah Waliyyullah outlines the five fundamental sciences that the Quran contains:

  1. The science of judgements (Aḥkam)
  2. Reminding others of the favours of Allah
  3. The Days of Allah and the Life after Death
  4. The circumstances of revelation (Asbab an-nuzul)
  5. The abrogating and abrogated ayat (An-nasikh wa’l-mansukh)

In this course you will learn about:

  • The major themes of the Quran
  • The circumstances of revelation
  • The decisive & metaphorical verses
  • The ring structure of Surahs
  • The central theme of Surahs
  • What makes the Quran inimitable
  • The different types of commentaries
  • The Quranic methodology of self-purification


  • Dr Musharraf Hussain al Azhari – Translator of ‘The Majestic Quran’
  • Shaykh Ahmad Dabbagh – Teacher Tareeqah Muhammadiyah
  • Professor Mohamed Bourchenem – Researcher of Philosophy
  • Dr Amjad Aziz al Azhari – Director of Islamic Education
  • Mufti Dr Munir al Azhari – Director of British Fatwa Council
  • Maulana Shahjahan Mahmud – Imam Oldham Central Masjid