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Duration: 3.5 Hours

Tutor: Dr Basil Altaie

Objectives of the study:

  • To grasp the fundamentals of observational astronomy, focusing on the Sun, Moon & Earth.
  • To familiarise with the Ptolemaic (Geocentric) model of the planetary system.
  • To explore the essential elements of the solar system.
  • To discern the destiny of the universe as interpreted by contemporary cosmology and Islamic viewpoint.


This enlightening course promises to immerse you in the foundational principles of observational astronomy, guiding you through an exploration of the majestic solar system. You’ll journey past the familiar confines of our Earth, Moon, and the life-giving Sun, venturing into the vast reaches of space.

Additionally, we will delve into the captivating subject of the universe’s destiny, merging cutting-edge scientific insights with the profound reflections derived from the Islamic worldview. Whether you’re a budding astronomer or simply star-struck by the night sky, this short course is your gateway to understanding the cosmos through a modern scientific and Islamic viewpoint.

About the tutor:

Professor Mohammed Basil Altaie recently joined the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Leeds as an emeritus visiting professor.

He is a seasoned Theoretical Physics educator at Yarmouk University (Jordan) and has a teaching legacy that spans over 30 years. His instruction covers an array of physics disciplines, from Quantum Mechanics to Astrophysics and the Philosophy of Science. Notably, he has pioneered courses in Astronomy for non-science majors and Scientific Thinking to foster critical analysis.