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About this course


This course will teach you the excellence and virtues of studying the Quran; relevant knowledge that will help you connect with the Quran in a fresh way; the major themes of the Quran; the amazing ring structure of the Surahs; emphasising that the Quran is for understanding, experiencing the Divine love and applying its orders and guidance. Finally, we recommend how you can share these gems with your family, friends, and the wider society through delivering study circles.

Course instructor: Dr Musharraf Hussain Al-Azhari (Translator of The Majestic Quran)

Why you should join this course:

You have a duty to understand the Majestic Quran, to know the purpose of your life. You will learn about:

  • The ring structure of Surahs; a logical and coherent structure
  • The major themes of the Quran
  • You will develop your love of the Quran 

Reading the Quran is important, it’s the Word of Allah. The poetic powerful words from our mouths travel to our ears, move our hearts and change our lives. By reading it we can learn more about the Loving, Caring and Most Kind Lord. But understanding its message isn’t so easy. So, what do we do, when we get stuck?

This course will introduce the essential features of the Quran, you’ll learn what the text is like (its structure, style and themes), what lies behind the text (circumstances of revelation), and what is the lesson for me (moral, spiritual and social values).