Commencing Tuesday 9th June 2020
Every Tuesday and Thursday 8 pm – 9:30 pm
5 weeks
10 sessions

What is the Quran?

What makes the Quran a special book? 

As we know, the Quran is the word from God, it changes our lives. We could say that the Quran is a personal letter from the lord of the Worlds. The Majestic Quran is a book of guidance for our spiritual journey through worldly life. The Majestic Quran is a book which can help you when you are sad or depressed. Most of the time we are optimistic and full of hope, however when we become sad and depressed, we have the Majestic Quran to help us. The Quran describes this state as “Humans were created anxious; whenever a misfortune touches them, they are impatient.” (Al – Maarij:19).

How does the Quran provide guidance? The meaning and mode of Hidaya

There is nothing that changes the heart like reading the Quran. So if you’re feeling down or have a problem, and would like some advice, we have the blessed opportunity to go to the Majestic Quran. You can even open it randomly and read the section or page in front of you. Think about the message it tells us and apply it. This is the advice from Allah for you to solve your problem today. The tips the Majestic Quran gives us are morale boosting and shows you a way out and you begin to trust Allah. 

How to study the Quran effectively?

Whilst reading the Quran, think about:

  • What does it say to me?
  • What does it mean?
  • How does it apply to me?

This is a very important stage in the study of the Quran as it will determine the relevance of the divine words to our life. you should also pace yourself. Do not demand too much, instead get to know yourself better and appreciate yourself as well as what you want. Give time to study the Majestic Quran. Engage with the Majestic Quran. 

The Themes of the Quran

The ring structure of Surahs; Logical and coherent organisational structure

Tips for understanding the Quran

Next steps with the effective study of the Quran.

Once the course finishes, you can carry on doing further reading to develop your skills.

How to do this?

1. Read the Quran regularly, try to complete it every 3 months

2. Memorise key passages and Surahs.

3. Start a Quran study group at home, or in your local Masjid. (see our Quran study group)

4. Join the next level 2 of the Quran course (we will let you know date and time InshaAllah)